Blood Brides of Manhattan’s Upper East Side

ImageBlood thirsty eyes,

Stressed vision hinted at their torn-apart souls,

Wrapped in bandages, and red paint,

Their fake breasts painted red,

Backs covered with blood paint and sanitary paper,

Blood Brides in that celebration of darkness,

As if into that Upper East Side Manhattan underground haunt,

Straight from Dracula’s castle in Transylvania…

They were here to seduce, to feast on the rich,

To entertain, to hide their self-absorbing spirits,

They attracted hoppers into madness, into this never-ending party…

Lighting up their crack-pipes in the toilet,

I see them trying to lose themselves,

Trying hard to forget the male touch, the male stare,

With each puff out, that worn out smile,

Looked strange under those pain-soaked eyes,

Painted eyelids, blood strokes on the sides,

Loneliness and crack got the males smooching,

Making each other realize, no matter how high,

They were breathing, they could feel, laugh,

Dole out the man’s moan, and cry,

Fixing up their bandages, wiping off tears from their faces,

The Blood Brides rose,

Plunged out of the washroom,

Back again into the kaleidoscopic anarchic cosmos…

Passed from one hand to the other,

All the red and white on them,

Stir a strange baleful caprice,

Into that overdosing multitude,

Drenched in neglect and apathy…

Bondage Queens try hooking kids,

Leaking their sacks of wealth,

Hiding overflowing streams of evil,

Behind their male bodies, their lustrous smiles,

Speed-fed Asian dolls,

Craved from those vampire walls,

An aberrant metamorphosis was on display,

Suffocating was the strong odor of ingrained decadence,

Wide eyes jaded in seconds,

In their psychic supernatural guise,

Riding on their patience in that surreal world,

Far away from the riddles of time,

They were fishing for someone needy,

To depend on,

The right dark soil to flourish on…



(Inspired from the movie “Party Monster, 2003)


One thought on “Blood Brides of Manhattan’s Upper East Side

  1. A poet, who listens to his heart rather than the public. It’s those rare gems, that’s edgy work finds its way into the halls of words forever immortalized by their passion and never forgotten by man. Well done our friend. Well done! I’m leaving a link with you, that several of our poetry friends are doing. It’s a Poetry contest in England. If you have a chance check it out. The purse I believe is $1,000.00 as well as publication and a reading there. Your poetry has a wonderful shot at winning.

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