The Urban Trap


There was no way out,

I was trapped,

Out to the balcony,

I faced a row of watchful houses,

Towering on me,

As I walked down with hands on the railing…

Alert, curious eyes were always present,

As if guarding my balcony,

Scrutinizing each and every move of mine,

Breathless, I ran down the stairs, on to the streets of Inderpuri,

Still, there wasn’t a way out…

A crisscross of narrow lanes,

With houses kissing each other,

Cars parked on both sides,

Lanes of this locality seemed under constant observation,

I ran, praying for those colorful and luxurious watchtowers to end,

Up came new blocks,

More of such similar lanes,

There simply, wasn’t a way out…

A few overcrowded parks,

Deprived of air to inhale,

Seemed mocking my exhaustion,

Signaling towards the never-ending blocks,

As if laughing at the futility of my attempts,

Only to find a place to be able to breathe,

A place to escape the constant scrutiny,

A place with no residence watching over you…

I turned back,

Ran towards the main road,

Ran out of the cluster of blocks and lanes,

I finally could see an unbent road ahead,

Could get rid of those residences,

I finally could walk on streets not ours, not yours, not mine,

Soon, I realized this road would never change,

Sure it would lead me out of Inderpuri,

But then what?

A new locality with the same road,

The same cars zooming past,

Weird strangers walking up and down,

Once, tired of this main road,

A turn into any of those localities,

Would once again trigger the scrutiny,

Land me amongst those blocks,

On those watchful lanes,

No different from the ones,

I just left behind…



2 thoughts on “The Urban Trap

  1. I felt my breathing tighten during the search for a place of peace. So true though, leaving one crowded place often just leads to another place with lots of people…just different ones.

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