Time for Reconciliation, my Bosnian friend…


Man is born out of earthly flesh and blood,’

He is all the same everywhere, the same heart,

The same set of emotions with the same desire to live…

When the Lord did never segregate, who are you to?

Phases like ethnicity, race and religion,

Are all defined by the human you,

It is your cast, it is your creed, and it is your society,

All concepts out of your human mind,

For the almighty only wanted you to live,

He did not authorize you to differentiate his creations from one another,

Neither did he want you to mark ethnic characteristics, religious features,

Never did he want his most powerful creation,

To define roots for each other…

As an outsider, when I saw those kids,

The pain underneath their smiles,

I couldn’t pick the Serbs out of them,

Neither could I point out the Muslims, nor the Croats,

All I could guess from their common fair complexion,

And their sharp rugged features,

That they were sons of Bosnia, the future of this blood-thirsty land…

It’s time to seek repentance,

Vent out sins, time for confession,

It’s also time for the blessed few from the far nooks and corners of the word,

To help undo years of brain-wash,

To help direct the Bosnian youth,

Towards prosperity, peace, ethnic tolerance, and hard-work…

This is just a new beginning,

A resurrection of the Bosnian end,

It’s time for brotherhood to thrive,

It’s time for reconciliation, my friend…



5 thoughts on “Time for Reconciliation, my Bosnian friend…

    • Its my first name..Am Debaroon Roy..

      Deb=Lord, Aroon- Sun……….d Sunlord…LOL..xoxox

      Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 4 patiently going thru my work…………keep readin……am honored

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