A painkiller for a sloshed me, straight from the Almighty


I’m here,

You need not fear,

‘He’ has a cure for every pain,

A pinch for every gain,

Mending tools for souls gone insane,

Every heart shall be understood,

Before it stops, for once and all,

No matter how hard you try,

Flesh and blood will it be,

You cannot gift yourself a heart of wood,

There’s a beauty for every beast,

There’s an outcry at every feast,

But, when the guests are gone,

When the glitters are scrapped,

When the lights are out,

It’s time for your ones,

It is only in that darkness stifling with genuine companionship then,

That they would want to celebrate…

It is these moments that shall heal your wounds,

Limit your desires,

Scoop out in front of you the very meaning of life,

The meaning of love,

The meaning of relationships…

Shook by the sudden trikle,

From my whisky glass hitting the wooden counter, the polished drinking table,

I tried looking away from that golden cross hanging short down her neck,

I heard her telling me all this into my ears,

Did she actually utter a word?

Or was it me dreaming? Staring her down her neck,

Stuck, since late,

Must have made her feel filthy by now,

Had to raise my eyes,

Cut through my layers of shame,

Only to see her smile,

That steamy invite,

Her eyes long abandoned by slumber,

They signaled down on the table,

On the glass in red lipstick,

was her number…



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