Eight Days to her Birthday…


She’s a living collage of life,

With wits sharper than the sharpest knife,

Steady, stable, practical in the head,

She has been spending every second, every moment,

Toughening herself,

As if she never had a tear to shed,

Grounded on her green fields of faith,

Taking out her responsibilities, one by one,

She’s grabbed it all, every opportunity to cackle,

Secured every friend for life,

Laughed away those,

Who assumed she’d been doing things in haste…

She strives to stand up to every situation,

Forgetting the very fact that her circumstances,

Her desire to live challenges,

Would make her trip, would make her fall,

Would rest her in a league apart,

It is the tough path ahead,

That would carve the lioness out of her,

Serve her results of her concrete faith…

She’s taken up a new fight,

Dreaming a new flight,

Her mind’s already clear off the recent past,

She somehow seems always aware,

Her sorrows just don’t last…

Her existence makes me feel life’s worthwhile,

From her eyes I know someone’s always there,

She confirms it every time,

Every time she smiles…

She’s turning a year older,

I simply couldn’t wait to write,

There’s still eight more days to go,

Almost a historical event for me,

It brings me back, memories from our golden past,

Turns me nostalgic,

Makes me pray for her long life,

She’s the last link to my youthful years,

Days, hours and seconds that made me up…



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