Her Faithful Unicorn…


I was feeling the heat,

Only if I could have afforded a sight,

Of the glassed mercury soaring,

I could have cautioned my senses against the devil,

Once again, like a Shaman, he was here,

To freeze my spirits, kill my hunger,

And, paint my looks, abnormally fair…

Only if I had a few of those wish-granting Dongs, I could have sought help from his foe,

They call him, ‘medication’,

A blessing in genuine disguise for the nation, for entire Vietnam,

Sans me, sans those millions of unfortunate ill-clad colleagues of mine…

Walking-talking human filth, we are beggars,

Helpless beings we are, for we can merely watch the Devil come and go,

We are now used to enduring his wrath, to silently bow,

But, like all of them, like all of you, like all you human beings,

I cannot marry death without her time, without her consent,

So I’m trying my best to turn this lost match into a memorable innings,

I’m trying my best to conceal my lost conquest, my craving for respect…

I know my days are not many,

For my skinny legs hurt, and so does my almost rinsed belly,

But even all this isn’t enough tyranny,

On my carefree soul that still dares to smile, still dares to dream.

Crashing against the bushy pillars of the Saigon Bridge,

I smiled at the shade from those Hồ Chí Minh trees,

As I watched it losing a battle to my discomfort, my fever – the Devil within,

A battle to prevent it from, further hurting my soul…

I smiled at Mother Nature for I knew she is trying to pretend strict,

She was curling my ears,

Waiting for me to whine,

Waiting for me to cry,

Punishing me, like her child,

Filled with painful gratitude,

I was smiling at the thought of her ever-lasting presence,

For me blessing me life-long with her motherly essence,

I know her wrath would lessen soon,

I know there’ll be a day,

When she’ll gift me a moment,

To rest in her marquee, relieved of her scorn,

To let her know,

That I’d been trying hard to be her Faithful Unicorn…


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