My City Weeps…


Wrapped up in smoke,

Robbed of its smiles,

My city seems shrunk,

Sucked off its warmth,

It lies deserted tonight…

Walls of trust have been shattered,

Humanity questioned,

My city weeps,

As its men continue to gruesomely depict their overflowing sexual appetite,

Abuse their manhood,

To forcefully tear apart women,

Inflict pain and shame…

My city weeps,

For the girl writhing in pain,

She has already bled enough,

Paid her price for being a woman,

For not doling out her honor to strangers,

For not bowing down to their belief,

Of it being the foremost duty of every female…


Startled at its sons in khaki,

Crushing protests with gas and sticks,

Shocked at its age-old tanks of democracy,

Taking all its time to wheel back and turn over,

And let its rusty judicial machinery roll on…

Monsters shall be given a chance to plead too,

Chained down to such a system,

Unable to voice out its plight to the world,

My city weeps…



39 thoughts on “My City Weeps…

  1. Like it. Had to check out one or two words with the dictionary., Understood evereything else. It´s hot easy being a woman.Hard enough being a man.

  2. The pain in your words reflects the suffering of everyone involved in this environment of fear and suffering. Keep safe, and continue to fight for what you know is right.

  3. I really was moved by this piece. I took a gender and race class at USC a couple of years ago, your poem reminds me of other writers I was exposed to there. I will have to dig them up and share them with you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Take Care. Peace.

  4. When the top is done with judicial catch up worldwide that has been going on without failure, full force for the last 30 months, humanity will not have to fear again. It is about done and coming to everyone worldwide. No politics or red in it except for criminal choices.

  5. We Weep with you, and We know that not all are the same…. I feel your heart as you send out your heartfelt thoughts… Such a wonderful poem which captures many a heart full of emotion for the suffering of many who have been subject to such crimes…
    Blessings Sue ~Dreamwalker ( I came by your blog through The Other side of Ugly’s reposting of your post..
    Thank you

  6. It is such a twisted, ugly, sin man has inflicted upon man. And there is no boundary where it is safe from others. I was a victim of sexual abuse and rape. That single act of hatred and control changed my life forever. It is possible to move past some of it, with much help and desire to not hate the predator. But your life is forever changed.
    My heart cries for all vicims of rape or any sexual assault. From little boys to young girls and women.

    • Thank you for visiting me on my site 2embracethelight. I was so impressed with your need to expose such ugliness and bring light to something that in past years was hidden in the closet out of embarrassment and fear. I applaud your gentle spirit and a heart that chooses a life of light and peace for others.

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  8. Your country showed compassion too. Stood for this poor girl. Rape is a crime. This story broke the heart of the world. No place is safe for our young woman. USA is worst then India. Time to teach our children well. Woman are our sisters, wives, grandmother’s and daughter’s. Respect and kindness must be taught to babies to ensure our kids do the right things.

  9. So my dear Readers, this post completes 100 likes. Maybe that’s too little a figure on the blogger’s globe, yet what makes me happy is the very fact that at least hundred souls felt if not much, even a little of that ache…Keep reading guys,,,A heartfelt thanku:)

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