A Very Happy New Year


Sending shivers down my spine,

Stirring up my sanity,

As if the humane little duck within me is all in squatters,

The soul has been stirred,

And I have taken to the covers in Delhi,

I’m waiting for the Sun to turn stronger,

I’m waiting for my strings of hope to bond firmer,

Squeaking out at last,       

Ringing my voice up against the cold,

Greeting all my readers and friends,

A Very Happy New Year…





5 thoughts on “A Very Happy New Year

  1. Thankyou for following our blog. The poem, was incredible with flickers of brilliance. We are authors of three books which we have just recently been querying one, while working on editing of the other two. But also write poetry. The beginning of January, we entered one in a poetry competition locally where we live in North Carolina. This will be the first time, we’ve ever put any of our poems out there and are a bit nervous about it. But, hopefully will become more braver where our poetry is concerned. We loved your lines “Sending shivers down my spine, Stirring up my sanity,” Look forward to reading more of your posts and poems in the future!

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