Like the Sun, Is someone out there for My City?


Licked inside out by services,

Our urban lives made easy,

For a moment it felt,

As if we had been missing the Sun Lord’s services,

As if, after a short world tour,

The Sun is back on duty today,

Serving us once again,

Comfortably toasting the city of Delhi,

Reminding its people,

It’s the onset of spring…


I saw the Sun’s rays almost conquering the city’s wide roads,

I myself stopped shivering,

Had been waiting for this day,

For the Sun to shoo the chill away,

To soothe my senses,

To reassure the city’s people,

No matter how scary the frosty devils might have had appeared,

They had to melt away…


So you see up there or somewhere by my side,

There’s a lot of turmoil raging in the Nature,

And what about us?

The unfortunate creatures wriggling day in and day out,

Toiling their souls away,

Screaming out loud for justice,

Weeping loud enough,

To make my city appear sailing on tears,

From out here, in the Hemisphere,

I guess, we’re lost,

We are only a small patch of humans,

I only wish like the Sun,

We really had someone out there,

Someone whose rest assured will be back on duty,

To shoo away our pain,

To rework our existence with paints of glory,

Like the sunlight,

Could have lit up souls,

Fetched back our lost honor,

Our hopes of a safer city,

At least, respected undeserved painful death…


…continued from “My City Weeps” (



6 thoughts on “Like the Sun, Is someone out there for My City?

  1. This is indeed very lovely and touching! the way you hope that someoneshould be there like sun to reinstate back normalcy and take care of all the things that has engulfed like the dark

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