I don’t want to play, I just wish I could walk…


Twelve it is,

Though scratched and peeved,

The broken military watch,

Is still ticking,

Like me it is the only other inheritance of my family,

Our only possession that wasn’t rubbed on to the ground completely,

My grandpa gave it over to my dad,

After a short stint in the Israeli army,

And, since then dad preserved it,

Like he’d taken care of me till now…

It’s a brand new year,

Kids all around the world,

Must have gotten together,

Must be a hell of a time,

To play, to eat, to make merry,

But I don’t want so much,

I know kids in my world are not so lucky,

I don’t want to play,

I just wish I could walk…


I’d seen those jet planes that close for the very first time,

Gripped by their power,

Trembling in that macho sound of theirs,

I thought that manly machine attracted me,

But, before I could think anymore,

The ceiling came down on me,

And, soon my pounding heart,

Caught the pain,

My leg wasn’t there,

I could feel myself only till my knee…

So, now I don’t want to play,

I just wish I could walk…

Crushing on my tool in that Turkish refugee camp,

Resting my aching arms and those crutches,

I miss my dream of playing with my brother,

With all of my family dead,

Now I dream no more,

All I want is to ask friends from that happy world out there,

Did they need my leg that badly?

Only a little makes me happy,

I don’t want to play,

I just wish I could walk…


(Inspired from Joe Sterling’s CNN article, “Uprooted by Syria’s war: ‘Is there a worse way to live than this?’ “,http://edition.cnn.com/2013/01/14/world/meast/syria-refugees/index.html?hpt=wo_c1)


8 thoughts on “I don’t want to play, I just wish I could walk…

  1. so intensely felt and conveyed Debaroon! I know its been horrible in Syria and the number of children including infants killed in tht is uncountable…the scene is so devastating…thta we cant even see a picture of that bloodsed

  2. Have heart that it always gets worse before better. The military also uses propaganda to increase it’s need as well when they face getting destroyed. They are. You are very smart to see the useless in it all. A broken head is what the men do before they send people out to kill. IN the end that is all the governments militarily’s ended up with, broken heads. I was in the Army I would say a very few actually escaped that weak head.

  3. What a touching write. I know we (USA) can’t save the world, but every time we try to even help we are hated and spit upon. I’m not there, but I question and don’t understand why people are killing their own country men…. especially the innocents and children. Our media is so biased that we can’t get the real truth about much of anything. They still haven’t even told us the truth about the deaths of the 4 Americans in Benghazi. Our administration lied to us blatantly for weeks (they think we are stupid and lazy) and we still don’t know the truth about that or “Fast and Furious” where our own Dept. of Justice gave thousands of guns to the cartels in Mexico… It’s been over a year and we still have no answers. They sweep it all under the rug and hope we will forget. They sends millions and billions of dollars to other countries but we never actually know where it goes, to the people or the govt. Probably the government or for more arms. I am so sorry. I hope it doesn’t offend you if I say extra prayers for your country and your people as well as mine and so many others with so much in-fighting going on.

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