Durga Puja Diaries, Kolkata – “Collage”


A collaged abode,

Glowing out to the crowds,

Standing broad and stretched in canvas on bamboos,

Illustriously narrating the country’s golden moments,

Magnified reports,

Straight out from the newspapers,

As if stamping each and every deed,

With solid evidence…


The first beings that we could draw,

Eyes, the nose and the lips,

Jotted in spheres,

Always imperfect,

Though, etched with a lot of care,

Balancing on a stick,

Branching out twice,

Similar were the lit up figures,

Welcoming me to the display,

Showcasing posters in black and white,

National glories to tickle our elements of pride…

2012-10-22 19.03.13

Soon facets from Kumartuli came up to a side of mine,

Idol sculptors therein at work,

Slapping magic with clay and mud,

A visual story of an artistic process,

I only hope,

Crawls somewhere in this region’s subconscious,

It’s rarely talked about, it seldom surfaces…

2012-10-22 19.04.51

Artistic impressions of the idol,

Created as cover images,

For  bengali puja special publications,

Arranged in tiles,

Scaling right till the ground,

On my other side…

2012-10-22 19.04.35

She stood there with her children,

Clad in our traditional attire,

The very force behind this creation,

 Resting within the story,

The entire collage…

2012-10-22 19.04.22







2 thoughts on “Durga Puja Diaries, Kolkata – “Collage”

  1. I like this one. Tickle you patriotic feelings for what? Always war, arbitrary death of innocent human life for problems never solved before. Time for a change of what to be patriotic for.

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