Watch out ! Washout for the streets of Kolkata…

2012-08-20 12.49.30

The skies cracked,

I could see it turning black and blue,

Could hear it growl,         

Could hear it moan,

Bread-earners were already poured into pockets,

Good old yellow ambassadors sniffed here and there,

Pausing, observing moving ahead,

They were on the lookout…

Billboards and banners were now drippy too,

Sitting without any make-up,

Without the shine, without the lights,

Gazing at the deserted metro station on the other side,

Nodding in absolute agreement with the Gods,

The city needed a complete washout,

Was that uproar of a collective assent?

I could hear them,

The sky was roaring again…

The man on that cycle paddled away as fast as he could,

It seemed as if everybody was ready, everything was aware,

This lonely traveler now had to decide,

I could either soak a bit,

Get rid of the sweat,

Reap a little out of all the cleansing around,

Ride the sopping tide,

Or, maybe hop under the metro shade,

Sip some tea,

Smell the tropical droplets,

Wetting everything in front of me,

Drifting away strongly with the Nor’Westerlies,

With only my eyelids tattering to a light sprinkle,

I could smile away, all dry…




6 thoughts on “Watch out ! Washout for the streets of Kolkata…

  1. I love how the fellow on the bike is: “paddling away” rather than “pedaling”–really pulls the rain allusion further; also–is the yellow ambassador a hound? I am imagining a rain-soaked, yellow hound. Great, powerful poem. You are the voice of your age and country, certainly, Debaroon.

    • Ambassador is a car made by Hindustan motors…its vintage now but still used widely in calcutta, as govt n private vehicles n taxis…its d vehicle used by our politicians too….thanku..i really value ur comments…

    • Here they are taxis looking for passengers as d rush office hours r over, n now dey hunt for passengers, unlike d passngers lookin for dem in d peak hours of office…

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