2012-08-17 12.39.56

She dwelt in her wonderland,

Her world of Hanuman, Tom, and Jerry,

Fascinated by a life up on the trees,

By the heroic ape’s giant leaps,

She assumed a tail was all that we need,

The cat chasing the mouse,

Both learning lessons on the way,

Musical toddles and the pitfalls,

She smiled at everything,

I used to see her giggle,

2012-08-17 13.17.31 Munch on a tasty snack,

Cautious of her mother,

Noticing everything that she gobbled down,

Fearing an uproar,

Every time she had a delicacy in front of her,

Tamarind, fries, pickle or sweets,

Every time she lost control,

A “why”, “what” and a “when” were words of use,

Words that mattered the most,

A question for everything,

2012-12-05 21.52.07 She’d to have a reason to do something,

Like a parrot,

Often, narrated her plans for the day,

Listed people that she wanted nearby,

The ones she wanted at bay,

Flashing a thousand watt smile,

Confident of her needs,

That her heart was sane and kind,

She was waiting for her turn to reach the trees,

I knew then, she would trade those for the stars,

Someday, she would look back into these unforgettable years,

I’m not sure if she’ll remember her pretty little world then,

I guess the only string to her past,

Would be the fact,

That she’d always known,

Someday she’ll have it all her way…



8 thoughts on ““She…”

  1. Fabulous lines on childhood and the first step into everything known and unknown 🙂
    Charming days of innocence and growing up….. Lovely poem and cute kid, Deb!

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