Reader’s Love (3)

Illuminating Blogger Award


A few days ago, I got nominated for this interesting, Illuminating Blogger Award, by Otrazhenie.

Check out his blog for his collection of poems, prose and images.

I’m thankful to him for finding my work worth this award.

Now, as per the rules, I have to share a random thing about myself:

Expressions that I carry on my face are often misleading. I end up, conveying an incorrect message, every time, someone tries judging all that’s on my mind, from my facial expressions. So you see, I’m better off, writing away…

And, last, but not the least, my 5 nominees for this award are as follows:

Congratulations!!! This one’s for all you guys…





14 thoughts on “Reader’s Love (3)

  1. Thank you so much! You might not see a mention of the award on the blog immediately, but don’t worry. That’s only because I haven’t posted about any of the awards yet. I was unsure whether or not I wanted to carry on the tradition. I’ve kept a track of all the awards I get and I plan on making a page just for the awards. Soon!

    Thanks a bunch again!

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