Waiting in Bangladesh…


Selfish! Wasn’t he?
Would never share his troubles,
Unburden himself,
It’s been years,
We’ve been there for each other,
Lived away the stink and the stare,
Lived away our patches of destruction,
Together, have we dug,
Many a tunnels of resurrection,
But,it always has been the same,
Eating, cautiously munching down,
Swallowing his worries,
Concealing them all the while,
He has always ensured,
We’re never aware,
Our faces are lit up when he’s around,
That there’s always a smile,
Made us believe,
Life’s a journey,
And, all we have to do,
Is brave the storms,
Swim over high tides,
Trying to escape this world,
Following other fishermen,
Calling it quits,
For once and for all,
Wasn’t the only way out,
We could start all over again,
We could always branch out, afresh…

I’m aware,
He’s breathing heavy debts,
The reason,
He has to take a chance,
Has to unlock fate,
Let it gamble,
Let it dance,
So, he’s out on the seas,
Hoping to net enough fish,
With two lives hanging at home,
That’s the only way,
Could he assure,
We didn’t sleep hungry,
Seldom did we starve,
Ran short of morsels on our dish..

Clad in a clean white kurta,
He left the house,
Left me waiting,
Praying for his safety,
Yearning for him to return…



Debaroon’2013 (self-illustrated)


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