To Punish them all…


Here, he comes,

Galloping on his Trojan horse,

Blinding me with reflections from his naked armor,

Brandishing out his metal,

Am I the one he’s staring at,

Is that his rush towards me,

There’s too much of a shine,

There’s little that I can see,

I only hope he isn’t blood-thirsty,

For the righteous,

I feel there isn’t much of a risk,

The ones with monsters within,

Cannot escape his sight,

He knows all of them,

Knows them, too well,

My pounding heartbeat,

Scared of an easy defeat,

Cries out, ” He’s no murderer,

He’s only there to guide the evil herd,

Ride by its side, right from the Earth,

On the road to Hell…”




(The image:  “Knight on a horse on display in Museum of Islamic Art. Doha, Qatar” )


2 thoughts on “To Punish them all…

  1. One day I might read a you are happy verse. Hero’s will come they will just be a different breed. Blood will not make hero’s anymore.

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