Good Morning Srinagar !!!


Out of its rocky Himalayan blanket,

Illuminating the valley was almost like a government job,

A task that saved the Sun a lot of its resources,

Was packed with long holidays,

And, the best part,

He did not have to stay up there, till very late,

A post-refreshment look-up in its calm Kashmiri mirror,                  

Turns the lake red, orange, yellow and then, glowing white,

Wakes up those houseboats,

Peeping out of their shells,

Man-made turtles, static reptiles,

Resting side by side,

Bathing their shells,

Letting ones on it,

Eat, sleep and live by the lakeside,

Sneezing away the smoke and the mist,

The valley breaks into a morning,

Does away with the silence,

It begins to roll,

I hear it gurgle…






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