Lit up Red in Chiang Mai…


Christmas lights!

Done, once and for all,

For the entire year,

Doing up the trimmed trees,

The boards, and shop-walls along the roadside,

Only from the Buddha posters on sale,

I guess, one could link, one could tell,

This was Chiang Mai,

The Thai city of three hundred temples…

Well, jingling lit-up open bars,

Here on Nimmanhaemin road,

Could exceed that holy figure any night, any day,

Perched on bikes and three-wheelers,

Quietly awaiting their masters by the pavement,

Lips jaded with thick lipstick chattered away,

Glossy faces eyed every passerby,

Young, tender,saggy and the old,

Every ear could hear their laughs,

Could hear them cheer,

Peeping out of those bars,

Decorating fronts of bordering cafes and eateries,

Squatting in groups with splayed legs,

Their glittery one-pieces, colorful miniskirts,

Adding on to the jitters,

While, robbing the atmosphere,

Of sober colors of masculinity, of any empathy,

Painting it profoundly easy,

With strokes of sheer helplessness…



8 thoughts on “Lit up Red in Chiang Mai…

    • Thank You…From that comment, I can conclude that I succeeded in conveyin wat I wanted see d very purpose of craftin dez lines is now, fulfilled…keep readin, am glad 🙂

  1. Hi Debaroon! Great poem…Nimmanhaemin road is a road you don’t see here that often…is it a common street name? (just curious!) I love this poem. It’s gaudy, bright & gritty all at once, and conjures an atmosphere for sure!

    As to the award–they are passed from one blogger to another, as a sign of appreciation of that person’s blogging efforts. There is no committee, per se, deciding it. You can just appreciate the thought, if you like, because the award posts can be time consuming. Let me know if you need help with the meme…

    • Firstly, Thank You Karen for each and every word of appreciation in there…n again all I try to is paint or conjure atmospheres…So, you see my basic objective behind writing in here is being slowly and steadily met.

      Secondly, the road is host to the most famous red light center in the city of Chiang Mai.

      Thirdly, I have two awards that I have to display, but am only putting up more posts before I head on to another award post…There already has been 3 award updates very recently, so i just thought the site shouldn’t just look filled with award posts, u know….Hope I could convey what I wanted to…I know how to go about it, and they will be up very soon…

      Am thankful to you for your genuine comments, I really love dem…And, also for that beautiful award that you had conferred upon me, so laboriously…

      Keep Reading 🙂

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