Seen the rain, like this…


Have seen many a droplets,

Have seen these rainy days,

Those trinkets spraying my face,

Have heard them hiss,

Have felt them kiss,

Many a times,

Have I sketched the rain like this…

Never have I been able to escape,

The grill of the Sun,

Those tiring days,

That stressed my soul,

Robbed me of any fun,

Landed me in tears,

Each and every time,

The same old way,

Haven’t been able to stop playing,

Playing with my mind,

Playing those games of dreaming,

Painting the sky with its flower in it,

Dreams that had everything,

To feed me life,

To protect me from the cold,

To save me for the spring,

All that it missed out, lady,

Was the unexpected,

The tale of your departure,

Else, many a times,

Have I seen the rain, like this…

Four walls and only those walls,

Have never been enough to carve out a house,

One with an equal amount of strangers,

There existed passion, existed a tie to die for,

Ties that have led many a figures,

Go haywire, go astray,

Spent searching the very purpose of this life,

Ending up with the same old conclusion,

This city seen through blurry eyes,

Have started afresh,

After many a breakdowns,

Shattering down many a times,

Trying to break free,

Once again, have I turned around,

Once again, have I started hoping to get back some,

Expecting returns,

Been losing so long, but

Never did I acknowledge my loss,

Never did I dream,

I’ll loose you too, someday,

Else, many a times,

Have I seen the rain, like this…


Many a times,

Have I been duped,

Trying to stay afloat,

Floating with the tide,

Have I been burnt,

Trying to learn lessons from the Fire,

Have I suffered,

Trying learning ways to give out a lot of things,

Ways to offer,

But, never did I dream,

I also, had to give you,

A farewell, someday,

Else, many a times,

Have I seen the rain, like this…




(Totally, felt and inspired from the Bengali song, “Ami Brishti Dekhechi (I’ve seen the rain)” by the very talented and uniquely gifted singer, song-writer, actor, musician and filmmaker, Anjan Dutta, accompanied by Somlata.

For more on Anjan Dutta, visit :

For lyrics of the song “Ami Brishti Dekhechi (I’ve seen the rain)” from Mr.Dutta’s  2011 Bengali film, “Ranjana Ami Aar Ashbona (Ranjana! I ain’t comin’back ever again)”, visit :

For the song, itself, visit:


10 thoughts on “Seen the rain, like this…

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  2. Wonderful! I haven’t heard this song though. But akhon khub joldi hi shunbo! Thank you for letting me discover this one! 🙂

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