Reader’s Love (4 and 5)


Hey Guys,

There’s some good news in store for me, and this blog of mine…There are two more awards that I need to put up, before it gets a bit too late. More of reader’s love for me… J

Heading on to the same chronologically, this very talented and enlightening fellow blogger of mine, Karen Robiscoe ( nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award on January, 28, 2013. (

The second one, comes from this creatively gifted fellow blogger of mine, Trisha Dey ( for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on February,5, 2013. (


Now, both of them require me to list around ten things about myself each, which I feel is a bit difficult, at the moment…More, for the very reason that they gotta’be interesting too…

So lets see, how many do I end up with :

  1. An observer, an not an intruder, most of the time…
  2. It take me ages to pursue desires not mine, or get things done that I don’t like.
  3. I’m often, lost in my world in broad daylight, amidst everyone else.
  4. At times, I end up labeling myself “unsocial”, even when I don’t want to.
  5. I rather not have company, than put with some that I don’t like.
  6. I don’t believe in getting one’s self busy forcefully, into something not worth one’s mind. There are too many things to read, see, listen to and write about for the mind to be left empty for the devil to reside…
  7. I do not preach, I, rarely advice…
  8. I have a weakness for the Himalayas, the slow, yet tranquil life out there, and last, but not the least, witty women with pretty eyes.
  9. Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, Indian painter Chittrovanu Mazumdar, poet William Blake, The Beat Generation of American poetry, British writer Aldous Huxley, the poet Jim Morrison, and the Bangladeshi poet, Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah are some of a long list of figures, who’ve been inspiring me, till date.
  10. “Away from the Dirt, Away from the Dust, Miles away from Greed and Lust, a misfit in my present circumstances, I’m a Tadpole in a Fishbowl… “J

So that ends it…And, you see, I thought listing ten points would be a difficult job. I guess, all, a writer has to do is to start writing, before he finds it’s already time to reach for the brakes …

Now I am going to nominate five bloggers, who are equally beautiful and inspiring for the both the awards, clutched together.

Congratulations to each  one of you…Guys, it’s a sincere request that you should visit all of these sites for they are equally interesting, no matter variations in their genre.

Thank You, once again Karen and Trisha, for all that love and respect…I will try my best to keep up to it…

I love you all my readers, for all your support, your comments, your likes, most importantly, your time…Keep Reading J

Love and Regards,




11 thoughts on “Reader’s Love (4 and 5)

  1. Nothing wrong with making your own choices not to be around things you don’t want to. I call that smart not unsociable. Certainly not lost with the writing you do.

  2. Debaroon,

    Thanks a lot for the honor you’ve bestowed upon me. I most humbly acknowledge and accept. A word of caution though, it’ll be a bit late till I catch up with all the awards I’ve recieved and write posts letting the world know about them, say till mid April. Will that be okay?

  3. Debaroon, its an honor for me to be featured in your site. Thank you so much for acknowledging my work. I am already in love with your blog and there isn’t any point in reiterating how well you deserved those awards!

  4. Congrats dear Deb, very well deserved and keep writing! Nice to know your likes and reading interests. A good reader makes a better writer 🙂

    Thank you Deb, for showering your appreciation on my work. I generally tend to shy away from awards as I don’t feel I am much of a writer/poet. I enjoy reading all poetry or prose that is deep and meaningful and I have to say I found your writing to be in such a category. Nice to have met you and keep penning my friend! Take care and

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