Kolkata’s Valentine Veggies…


Sacks underneath,

Rugs by their side,

Love flowed freely,

From the stink of cabbages,

From their feet smelling wet hide,

Romance erupted from those rusty plateaus,

Love’s been seeping in their soil too,

Preserving, nurturing active volcanoes,

With love’s lava boiling within,

Waiting for them to be forgotten,

Covered, concealed with paints of a hard, and too regular, a life,

Go unnoticed in the crowd,

Lost in the market,

Amongst the commonest of men,

Peeled skins from greens, plucked cauliflower leaves,

Adorned the front,

Adding to the instant,

A quintessential touch of their reality,

The power of love celebrated, danced in there,

Sublimed in poverty,

For the blind to see,

Naughty comfort,

Amidst sips of tea,

Chirps and chatters out of laughs,

From their list of sold veggies,

Amidst a day gone good,

Thoughts of a sumptuous lunch,

And, moments to secretly cherish,

With their kids asleep in peace…




(The image is borrowed from “The India Travel Blog- Mahindra homestays”, http://blog.mahindrahomestays.com/)


6 thoughts on “Kolkata’s Valentine Veggies…

    • Hey Swaty..u know wat i was just wanting 2 thankkk u for the first like….even yesterday u were the first one 2 like…Am so happy with ur reflections on my work,,,,n thanxx 4 dat compliment, comeon we all r just doin our bit…u r reading it, dats enough 4 me…:)

  1. Good work. Some are just happy with what they have and want to keep it that way. Why really is their business. Not for any to change or even feel bad about. It would be nice to ask them instead of down them for a change.

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