Play us away from Park Street


Looking into your eyes,

Staring wood at every passerby,

Greeting you on all sides,

Taking care of every direction,

Unblinking sets of seven kohled eyes,

The dark and the blonde,

 Both offering out chiseled pouts,

Competing each other to suit your lips,

To fit in between,

More smoothly than the other,

Crying out memories of forgotten flute-makers,

Trying hard to catch your attention,

For a lifetime chance to set out all by themselves,

On a journey of independence, away from each other,

Away from this nomadic life,

On the immature shoulder of their talentless master,

Too busy to take care of them,

Too busy eying, fishing innocence,

Beside the Oxford pillars of Park Street,

In broad daylight…




( Image borrowed from )

*Park Street, Kolkata, West Bengal, India – “…In the 1970s and 1980s much of Kolkata’s night life took place at Park Street. Many noted musicians had played at popular night spots such as Trinca’s, Blue Fox, Mocambo and Moulin Rouge. Even before that, in the1940s, 50s and 60s Kolkata’s prolific night life was centred on Park Street...”, for more visit :,_Kolkata




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