Render my song, immortal…


Touch it with your lips,

Render my song, immortal,

Touch my life with your friendship,

Render my affection, immortal,

Caress it with your lips,

Render my song immortal…


Let no limits of age exist,

Let’s imagine an existence,

Sans, the ties of our birth,

When loved by someone,

Let us depend on visions of our mind,

Flag off a new tradition,

Render it immortal…


The emptiness of this sky,

Fills up the vacuum in my mind,

Jingling your anklets,

Walk into my life,

Lend me your breath,

Turn music immortal,

Render my song, immortal…


This age snatched away,

Everything that I grew fond of,

Everybody has been winning over,

Have been losing all the way,

Lose your heart to me this time,

Render my win, immortal,

Touch it with your lips,

Render my song, immortal…




(A Tribute to the Late Legendary “Ghazal King”, singer, song-writer, and musician, Jagjit Singh, on his 72nd birthday, 8th February, 1941.

For more about the Maestro, visit:

This piece of mine is completely inspired from his famous ghazal score, “Honthon Se Choolo Tum (Touch with your Lips)” from the Bollywood, 1981 film, Prem Geet.

For the lyrics:

To watch the legend perform the song live:

To watch the actual film video:

Image from :

For another Tribute, that I feel is even more heartfelt for the Maestro, look-up the post “A Tribute from my side…” by this very talented friend of mine, Trisha Dey :



14 thoughts on “Render my song, immortal…

    • His work wasnt in english, it was only urdu n hindi…
      Besides, Ghazal (the form of music he mastered) is one
      of the principal poetic
      forms which the Indo-
      Perso-Arabic civilization
      offered to the eastern
      Islamic world.
      The ghazal spread into
      South Asia in the 12th
      century due to the
      influence of Sufi mystics
      and the courts of the
      new Islamic Sultanate .
      Although the ghazal is
      most prominently a form
      of Dari poetry and Urdu
      poetry , today it is found
      in the poetry of many
      languages of the Indian

      That is why they are’t in english, n m writing to reveal his magic to u…

  1. The Ghazal Samrat has been my favorite and I was so glad to see you dedicated a post to him. I loved this one just like I love his ghazals. 🙂

    • Hey Asha, I’m happy beyond words to see your comment in there…Had felt and understood that song much later in life, but had been hearing it, right since my childhood days, it’d been there on lips of my parents in their golden days of love…Hence, my effort, and your comment…Thank You… 🙂

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