For You to See…


Not, merely red, yellow,orange or white,

Look at my neatly parted shades,

My disciplined stripes,

The way I am,

On display upright,

I’m here to watch over the fair,

Count heads that pass by,

Teaching them the best way to smile,

I know they’ll watch me up here,

I know every eye shall rise,

That they’ll all stare,

For the One I’m imitating,

Never glows calmly sober like me,

Hardly misses any chance to blind you,

Never swoops down this close,

Puts up defined colors,

Or, a grin as big as this,

To cheer up your spirits,

For you to see…





(Stay tuned for more from the Surajkund Handicrafts Mela (Fair)’2013, Haryana, India.)


3 thoughts on “For You to See…

  1. When people can look up to you, you have achieved success. That is the final judgement of whatever you have done that gets looked up to.

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