From the Surajkund Handicrafts Fair…


Beyond the gates in red,

Into the adorned land of Kings, and Queens,

Flags, Trumpets, and Horse-drawn Chariots,

Into the land of Culture,Color, and Dreams…


Into it, flowed the urban stream,

Surrendering to the atmosphere,

Trying hard to mix and mingle in it,

To reach out to its long lost roots,

To unravel age-old sediments of aesthetics…



Millions of dots, specks on the canvas,

Jotted with bamboo shops,

Hay, and straw on tops,

For the authentic feel,

For the aura of our soil,

Showcasing rich stitches n embroidery,

Murals, and Miniatures smelling folk,

Framed for a price,

Here, to taste some commercial oil…



Mounted on a lion,

Her divinity,

Her grandeur in black,

Guarded, Protected,

Kept evil away…


Posing into ethnic beats,

Cutting into the share of celebrations,

Along tropical musicians from Karnataka,

Their sun-burnt layers,

Kissing yellow,

Done with leopard skins…


A peek-a-boo into a dense circle,

Revealed experience in saffron and white,

On a musical stroll,

Tunes of wisdom,

Preserved for the city,

Brought in packed tight,

Straight from their villages,

Rarely, heard of, or seen,

Pumped into the crowd,

From the magical Been*…


His creation rejoiced,

She spreads up her feathers,

Her salute from the land,

Its rich green luster, its beauty,

To the Deity of Rain…



Mythology through the tip of the brush,

Folklore, tales from an artistic past,

Curvy strokes, twirls, shy floral patterns,

Celestial attires, divine figures,

Pitching unadulterated innocence,

Through pure and classic shades…





From the Divine to the mortal,

From the baleful to the sane,

It was a matter of crowns and mustaches…


Colors that we’ve often craved,

Missed in brands, global all the way,

Customized checks on crockery,

Unique combinations, screaming paints,

Causing you to stop by,

Fit them into your imaginary rooms,

Judging matches for a bargain…



Shying away,

It stood in a quiet corner,

As if, unable to take the urban lights and the glare,

As if, unsure of its ability,

To adorn your house,

Doubtful, if you understood terracotta…


Flaunting his riches and gold,

Gods and Goddesses that safeguarded his kingdom,

His royal carriage,

Strength in his soldiers,

His musicians,

Rhythms of his land,

Where thrived happiness from worship,

Out of men in turbans, and their better-halves in silk…



Only, if we could be a part of it,

Only, if our lives had been this colorful,

Could we have, probably been able to,

Dream of a palace, painted like that…



Celebrity trunks,

Showing off their paper dresses,

Wearing kites on their ears,

The way they connected,

Colorful chains,

Garlands they exchanged,

Leaving you gazing up above,

Spell-stuck to see art soar, aesthetics fly,

Along, with a cup of Sri-Lankan coffee…



Sculptures to rest by,

Paintings on wood to sit and admire,

Right beside the spinning wheel,

He sat, completing the picture,

An artisan on the lookout to earn some bread…



Couldn’t miss that turn towards the food-court,

On our way back,

Out of here,

On our last patch,

The path that would lead us to the exit,

I hope could quench a bit of your thirst in there,

For some real culture,

Hope you’d a nice time,

So did I…



With this, mom and I,

Bid you a warm goodbye,

That was it for this year,

Straight, from the Surajkund Handicrafts Fair…







*Been– a musical instrument made out of gourd, used mostly by snake-charmers. Also, known as a “pungi“,  to know more, visit :


9 thoughts on “From the Surajkund Handicrafts Fair…

  1. WoW!! What a colorful and exotic place! A huge treat for these Western eyes…I totally want to buy something from all those kiosks!!

    Also, this was my favorite byline: “Shying away—It stood in a quiet corner—As if, unable to take the urban lights and the glare—As if, unsure of its ability—To adorn your house—Doubtful, if you understood terracotta…” Such an unusual description, yet so fitting for the piece it describes. Beautiful virtual visit, Dee. 🙂

  2. Government should have never been abused by any. To abuse it was weak lack of mental maturity, was always first before the people and their law.They all simply put themselves above it and gained a showplace and not true respect. Now authority will be role modeled better then “me first and Maybe I might have time for another”. That was never any real power authority. Real power lives it at all timers with the people to know what the people need and want. Being in charge of any profitable business requires that know how at all times. It is a 24/7 business.
    If they set themselves above the law they set everybody up to reach it too and look what happened over generations, The end, a complete lack of respect for human passions, talents, and desires. The non verbal communication saying people were just garbage, toys. Well, they all failed humanity. It’s time to change that.

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