Rising up to You…


I hope I’m still under observation,

You must be laughing at your little ones,

Tired, left with no other option,

But, to soak some feet,

Grab some shivers,

Yet, elated at the entire proposition,

You couldn’t find the river in a better mood,

I guess, it was her love for the rocks,

And, her banks,

Now, almost red with autumn leaves…


Boulders, stones and pebbles,

Meditated in a collective session,

That stretched till as far as I could see,

Together they attended,

A mass, all day long,

Each and every one of them,

In the same uniform,

Looked up at their guests,

Signaled towards the constant chant of the river,

Their only vintage trance,

Towards gaps in-between them,

For us to step on,

The way up the mountain,

For us to head on…


A steep trek,

Right up your skin,

Brushing aside your lush curls,

Branches and twigs,

Your hair-pins in them,

Against the will of that strong chill,

Your collective suitors,

Kissing you cold all the time,

Slapping us on our faces,

As we dare to rise up to your bosom…





(Stay tuned for more from my 2012 trip to the Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India)


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