Surrender to My Care…


Crawl up my tentacles,

Breathe through my hairy pores,

Sneeze away your hot temper,

The dirt and dust u carry along,

From those flat plains,

Barren shores,

Bathe in my rivers,

They lose character by the time,

They grow up to your land,

Under my eyes,

They are pure, crystal like,

They do not dare,

Let me take care of you for a while,

Nurture your soul,

Scrub away fake grins,

Strengthen your smile,

Rest by my rocks,

Play with the grazing sheep on my slopes,

Talk to the stars under the dark blanket,

Smell the chill,

Sing with the toad,

I welcome you to live it your way for a while,

In the Holiest of all my valleys,

To cherish peace in my tranquil abode…






(Stay tuned for more from my 2012 trip to the Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India)


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