Canopy Me, My True Lover…


Come along,

Spit out that fear within,

Don’t let it ooze out of your face,

Romance the splits and the splats,

Let those fat droplets react,

Wash your nerves calm,

You know he’s isn’t here,

Busy wasting my youth,

Plucking the day away,

All that you need for a spark now,

Is only a stimulant, a catalyst…


Out of all fishes, the torrent catfish is one,

Only, when scooped out of water,

Can we see it leap,

Can we watch it dance,

Out of all trees, the Banyan is one,

Only, when kissed by the wind,

Can we see it sway,

Can we watch it oscillate,

Without a masculine breeze,

There is hardly, any chance,

Out of horses, the cart-puller is one,

Only when scared with the whip,

Can we see it in speed,

Can we watch it run…


Pay some heed,

Unravel my need,

Ignite the fire,

Don’t worry about the clouds,

Stop waiting for the Sun,

My true lover,

Take me by my hand,

Clutch the umbrella over,

Have it on my top,

Protect me from the rain,

Shelter me secure from its spree,

It’ll not spare my pretty bun,

It’ll soon dampen my beautiful Sari…






Inspired from a Bengali folk melody “Chaata Dhoro He Deora ( Hold up the Umbrella, My True Love )”, born out of the tea gardens of North West Bengal, India.

The song, “Chaata Dhoro He Deora” is in a dialect that is a mixture of Bengali and Bhojpuri, originating from Maanbhum, in the Purulia, district of Northern West Bengal, India.

Back in the 1960’s, most of the immigration of labour for tea-plantations in both, North Bengal and Assam, was from Bihar.

In one such family of labourers, a young girl married to an old man, tries her luck wooing her brother-in-law in the rain. Her husband is out at work in the plantation.

(The extremely gifted Bengali singer, Lopamudra Mitra popularized this rare piece of folklore amongst the masses, in her album of Bengali folk melodies, Chata Dhoro.

For her rendition of the song, visit:

To read more on a similar backdrop, refer to the e-book, The Tea Labourers of North East India by Sarthak Sengupta, Mittal Publication.

For more on Bengali singer-songwriter, Lopamudra Mitra, visit :

* Sari : “A sari or saree is a strip of unstitched cloth, worn by women, ranging from four to nine yards in length that is draped over the body in various styles which is native to the Indian Subcontinent…”, for more, visit :



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