Eclipsed in Laos


Concealed I remain,

Hazed Black ‘n Blue,

Panting, as the Incubus gripped me tighter,

Enslaved by the River Nam Song,

Collared, pulled and swayed,

Pitted against foreign blues,

Indians, South Americans, Australians, Europeans,

Making merry, Living it too unreal to be true,

Dimmed, then brightened, and blurred again,

With their conscience stricken souls rested for a while,

Against lush tropical patches,

Their skin dazzled,

Screams, shrieks, their laughter soared,

Shot past by me,

Chained by the current,

Twisting to its tunes,

The water-tube clutched me tight,

In a seemingly, permanent embrace,

Soon, its service didn’t matter anymore,

Forgotten, for i knew,

There wasn’t an end to this lagoon,

My spirit got busy on the ramp,

Dressing up faithless,

Changing into the lost Vang Vieng attire,

Laos served the anarchical make-up,

Tranquilized it for an never-ending show,

Rinsed it free of all traces of albatross…






(Based on a water-tube ride in the vast lagoons of the Nam Song River, in one of the world’s most unlikely, yet one of the wildest party destinations, Vang Vieng, Laos.

For more on Vang Vieng, Laos, visit :

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