A Shot for Heaven’s Sake…


Let’s get baked in a meditative posture,

Let’s do it the Indian way,

Let’s listen to the signal, I should say,

The final whistle at the theatre of Nature,

A single wood-decked Oriental row,

The balcony seat to this scenic show,

Curtains down, vision swollen,

Action in the skies,

Lit up golden,

Takes and Re-Takes,

Done with the lulls, the stills and the brakes,

Now, lenses rolled,

Ceased the shrieks and the chatter,

Could only hear clicks of the shutter,

Could hear the wind flow,

It was time for expressions, for all to glow,

The heroes and the villains,

Monstrous Mists and the sharp Rays,

One turning black ‘n blue,

The other beaming red with rage,

One patiently staring with glaring eyes,

The other, roars, summons aerial quakes,

Trees, bushes, rocks, stones and pebbles,

Each had a character, a vital side-role to play,

They rehearsed their scripts for the final take,

Echoed back the skirmish,

Heightening the audio effect,

Timely thunder strikes in the backdrop,

A Shot of a lifetime was ready,

A Shot for Heaven’s Sake…





( Self-clicked images from the “Freedom Cafe”, Chalaal, Himachal Pradesh.

Stay tuned for the last post from my 2012 trip to the Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India.)


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