Welcome to Chalaal’s Freedom Café


Proclaiming thuds on the wood,

Creepily romantic squeaks at every step,

We could knock the ceiling,

Challenge the mountains,

As we perch up our legs,

On the corridor railing,

To the floating clouds,

Could we open our door,

Or, maybe squat on the floor,

Spread up on the grass,

No rules, without a fuss,

You could pass out anywhere,

On the floor, in the garden or the corridor…


Flowers competed with one another,

Blooming up bright and large,

They did well,

But, bowed down to a stronger smell,

The resin burnt, it was easy to tell,

Smell of the mountains saturated the air,

You simply couldn’t escape it,

It was here, there and everywhere,

A broad smile, a high-pitched tone greeted us,

A scream reached us, ensured,

We clearly heard him say,

“Park your woes, tensions and troubles,

Your hectic schedules outside the gate,

To have your souls liberated,

Walk this way,

Come up straight,

Unbind your spirits,

Let them graze, find some solace,

In this psychedelic maze,

Unchain them free for a while,

Let them go astray,

Happiness is our permanent customer,

Forever, has it lost its way,

Forever, is it here to stay,

Friends, Welcome to Chalaal’s Freedom Café…”





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