Charisma on-the-Go…







Passion, Fervour loses it here,
Fails to capture my mind,
Eyes are drawn,
Sight is sought, stretched,
My vision is won,
Defeated by her charisma,
No matter,
How strictly on the journey,
How intensely compartmentalized…

I shouldn’t be looking,
I was, I wasn’t,
Her glamour,
It radiated,
Got me winking,
Almost blind,
Spent conscious,
I looked open to the window,
Hard into tinted glass,
Stations, hills and trees,
Vendors scream,
Porters, passengers run,
She reflected through everything,
Gleamed,beamed strong,
Her skin,its shine,
Outshone all,
Now, the train had a Sun…

Painted in honey,
With smooth brushes of silk,
Thinned in milk,
Exhaled maturity,
From every pore,
On all sides,
Sucked in respect,
From nostrils,
Used to an air of honor,
Her invisible boundaries,
Neatly chalked round,
Got me craving,
To live it till the end of the earth,
Wait for her rebirth,
For her to spring into her teens,
To serve me her fragrances,
Her soup of youth to taste,
Until, she screamed at her little one,
Got me ready to laugh-off my wait,
Pinched me back to senses,
Kicked me start,
For a more realistic bait,
She was too good to be true…



5 thoughts on “Charisma on-the-Go…

  1. Hmm! seems you came across a lovely maiden enroute your journey! only to realize she will require another birth to be wth u in her teens…! beautifully written !:-)

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