He runs on…














If you have wheels,
He has his legs,
Untearable muscles,
Stretchable nerves,
Magical arteries that auto-heal,
Immortal strength,
Inexpensively invincible to time,
The drops, the chill and the shine,
Bells tinkling fatigue-less,
Since, the city was a kid,
In years prime,
He runs loaded, overloaded,
And, often empty today,
Hungry against beeps, honks, conks, machines, a mechanical age,
Maintained his steady undying gallop,
Concealed remains his divine syrup,
His secret to time-piercing sustenance, survival, evergreen energy,
On the hot-tempered irritated speedy wheeled streets of Kolkata,
Unwheeled, Unchained, Unmotored,
He runs on…







3 thoughts on “He runs on…

  1. These rickshaw pullers of kolkatta do provoke a sens of empathy.Its really touching and sad seeing such a plight,when they still run without thinkng twice and wth a smile.

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