Into the Sea of Blood…


Swaying hips,

Oscillating to hypnotize,

Struck at the curled-up pink mini-skirt,

Shiny hair-streaks pointing straight to the ground,

Floral prints on white,

Magnet, pulled me from the beach, the rocks,

Into the hotel, its lobby, the first corridor,

Matted blood red,

Orderly lights, that of princely ocean liners,

Lights that illuminated less,

Sprayed more gloom, more suspicion into the narrow passage, the air, instead,

Thighs overlapped, stylishly tiptoed ahead,

Heels uniformly knocked the floor,

Dragged me across tight-lipped cabins,

Shut to the throat,

Deeper into that unending array of lights,

Into that limitless enslaved night,

Through walls red with petals green and ocher,

Patterns soaked, fading away in that sea of blood,

The card swiped on the right door,

Incarcerated, I follow…



(The moment is inspired from the 2012 film Talaash, )

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