Shillong’s Immaculate Cappuccino…


Slim walled streets,

Tango of blades,

Early chops on the wood,

Butchers at pork,

Beggars and Bums on that meaty roadside,

Cobbled in breaks,

Pimpled with manholes,

Pinched with open drains,

For hungry dogs to sniff,

Their anonymous masters to spit,

Twist and turned, the road,

The wall followed in embrace,

Ran ceaseless to its left,

Sleepless shop-keeping eyes stare wide,

Through gaps in between hanging slabs of skinless flesh,

Look up to refresh,

Up at the shiny chairs,

Gleaming in white,

Awaiting buttocks in groups of three,

Sparkling contrast in bleak sunlight,

On the neatly trimmed green grass,

Atop the wall along that road,

Two coffee-shop umbrellas posing a joke,

Challenging the mighty unbeatable Meghalayan clouds,

Faint rays, a weak shine reach the seated couple, the coffee air,

Silence prevailed, as caffeine fought the chill,

Naughty morning mourning at the wall-top CCD,

Trembling lips, biting guilt,

Eyes laboring, strolling away to hide,

Two spirits, desperate to change into disguise,

Hardened pores, their skin,

Carpets of tiny thorns,

Still erect, hair on their limbs,

Witnesses to frivolous hours that just went by,

Their madness, that reckless hilly night,

Now, the morning breeze was calming them down,

Slapping realization, hard against their faces,

Turned in different directions of Shillong,

Distance at last,

Over cups of Cappuccino, immaculate…





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5 thoughts on “Shillong’s Immaculate Cappuccino…

  1. the morning after…right? :)…where’d all the heat of the night go? Awesome EVERYTHING. I especially like the descriptions including the butchers and meaty roadside. Super stuff, Debaroon–now you march over to Poets & Writers–access their literary database of markets for small presses–and submit this masterpiece!!

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