Wet Glances

Night rain from the porch








Rain seeped through cracks in the soil,

Right, ahead of us, in front of the porch,

Caused the grass to smell, stink earth,

Sealed, unraveled snails,

The coiled-up earthworm,

Imitating the snail,

Droplets on its hardened scales,

Posed into a tablet shell,

Creaks of the toad,

Constant chant of crickets,

Out of wet dark pockets,

On low bamboo stools,

They sat, knees folded,

Toes sprinkled, now moistened,

The dampening street light,

Fading away through zip-zaps of her hand-fan of straw,

Thunder wiped the sky,

Zeus in his chariot rolled, roared,

Cracked in competition,

Light streaks blazed the sky above,

Found her looking into my eyes,

Lost a tongue, though,

She yearned for one that moment,

Quiet, Bound, Professionally Chained, Restrained, Refrained,

Awaited the heavenly match to strike again,

Tongue-tied, Impulses tied tighter,

I stared back…









(Image from http://www.benjaminwilliamallen.com, http://edition.cnn.com/)


4 thoughts on “Wet Glances

  1. well that break with the mood when you describe her restraint is as surprising as it is powerful. Like technology crashing into Nature; I love the “I stared back” line, and the introduction of the mythical Zeus is great, too. It adds a layer: like making a sauce with many components…I knew there was a reason I was looking forward to your Calcutta musings!!

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