Picnic was over,

Time for clicks on our way back home,

Memories to imprison forever,

Moments to capture for life,

One of a feat at the venue,

And, now, party on the ride,

Five cramping in recliners for four,

Six squeezing into ones for five,

Lips sang, Ears went astray,

A mood floated comfortable on the high tide,

Stressed-out, no one stood,

Ones unable to capture seats,

Chose to squat on the etched iron floor,

Tired figures loosened, unlocked, stretched in recline,

While, their undying spirits,

Still starved, craved for more,

Sights cautious, thoughtful all day,

Now glanced, now beamed,

Air smelled attraction, young energy,

Thoughts of yet, another lonely night,

Indigestible, after that dreamy perfect day,

Souls dying to get addicted,

Day in, day out moan that magnetic force,

Immortal, their desire to cling together,

For life, attain paired existence,

Use up that long journey,

Imagine hand-in-hand, toe-on-toe,

Wrapped around, their umbras dance,

A few dared, took their chances,

Tried their lucky keys,

Made merry, content in whispers,

Gloated over ones, unable to kill the sheep within,

Unable to let loose,

Break free from their self-made prisons of character, thoughtlessly act,

I was too liquid to hold,

My instant was here,

Up came my swayed rise,

Waves on an overflowing brain,

A typhoon raging unbind,

Hurled intoxicated, out-of-balance,

Clinging on to heaven’s ladder,

A metal pole from the roof,

To the middle of the bus, right in the center,

Chirps, and chatters from my hazy sides,

Chuckles from those leather rows,

I was the stage,

I was the swinging show,

The reason for heads to pop-up and see,

Such was my toed flight,

From one clutch to the other, one pole to another,

Such was my drunken plight,

Pegs gurgled in my stomach,

Clashed with thoughts,

Those hours spent green on her lap,

Cramps in my belly, got me almost blind,

I had to hang-on, to concentrate and decide,

Look ahead, stare wide,

Fix my vision,

For a blurry mission,

Visible were a few inches of her head,

Up above the head-in-hide, her backrest,

Screeching halts could take me down by surprise,

Red-light pressed brakes, their chances then, terrorized,

Shot cold shudders down my spine,

Was time to let go off the pole,

Roll forward support-less,

Test this tipsy balance of mine,

Hold on to checkered steps,

My liquored mind,

Forget clever faces around,

Leave their sympathetic expressions behind,

Slide ahead to collapse with a smile,

To the first row,

With a view of the fainting lights on the speeding streets,

To that empty seat by her side…





(Images from : http://www.tradebit.com, http://www.colourbox.com )


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