Urban Godfather


Black Limousine smooches slow,

Tinted glass rolls down,

Pauses at the living dead,

At the uncut hair,

Stained rags,

A drooping head,

Almost touching the ground,

Compressing a spring of skin and bones,

His protruding ribs,

Clicks from a smart phone,

Clinic on line,

Call for help…




Painless eyes,

Overflowing hatred,

Strode up fearless,

A forehead thud,

The captor is down,

His clutches freed,

Behind his shoulders,

She hides, seeks shelter,

Fingers reach the holster,

Screaming abuse,

They run, disappear,

He looks on,

Head hangs,

Ground in sight,

He walks away…




Van steers in,

Parks at the middle of the night,

Beggars, Pushers,

All in torn tatters,

Pushed inside,

Doors slammed behind,

Deserting the bus-stand,

Zooms away,

Brakes at a closed restaurant,

Shutters lifted,

Waiters aware, yet wide-eyed,

Hungry sight,

Starving lips,

Cramping bellies seated,

Too much on the platter,

One single meal,

No time wasted,

Throats gulp down whole,

Suited in grey,

Tips a fat currency bundle,

Swifts past the watchman,

Outside the door,

Car-engine roars, fades,

The feast goes on…






(Images from http://www.dipity.com, http://latimesblogs.latimes.com, http://insurgentsummer.org )

4 thoughts on “Urban Godfather

  1. the imagery is so close to revealing all–and yet doesn’t, it titillates even as it saddens and informs. Your gift of description is unparalleled! Is English your native language? because wow!! You handle it so well–better than a lot of us Americans, that’s for sure!!

  2. Thank You Karen…..I’m so happy with your words…No, English isn’t my native language, but it has been my first language. So since the very beginning, this is the language i use to think, imagine and express the best in…..

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