IMMORTAL, UNSHARED —- “a monologue in verse”


Inhaled years full of compassion at home,

Right from the days I bloomed,

Got used to the rights and the wrongs,

I started identifying pain,

Empathy oozing intravenous shots,

Pricked my ass, everyday,

Kindness exceeded speed-limits in my nerves,

Shot up to my brains,

I was melting liquid in that rock age,

To live did I need to share,

To breathe, and eat, needed the same,

Normalancy pills, I couldn’t satisfy alone,

Cherish all by myself,

Uneasy if I did,

Sharing was that springboard to the pool of my existence…

I served, fought insane,

Lost drops of humanity,

To stars, golden,

Why did no one share my wrath?

Everything slipped beyond reach, into oblivion,

Nothing could wage the typhoon of duty,

Shared and soon missing they went,

Withering at home,

Waiting to shut the lights forever,

Dive into darkness to return never,

Pull down the shutters,

Hammer the store “Sealed”

I really have little left to share today…


That sandalwood tree stood there, you see

Branching gorgeous, smelling irresistible all night all day,

Stark red flesh, divine nakedness,

Fooled many a nose-less eyes,

Mostly from far away,

Her dark regular foliage,

A species scarce,

She could milk this universe,

She was the only oil to flickering flames of my life,

More precious than all that I’ve earned this far,

Immortal, Unshared,

My Loveless, blood-stained Medals of Honor,

The python lies wrapped, intoxicated in sandalwood,

Rejuvenating in her stench, tripping in her fumes,

Her bark in his tight embrace,

Powerful muscles, seducing her,

Kissing scales on her wood,

Her touch that till now,

Only I had known,

Only I had felt…


Immortal, Unshared,

Let me have her in my memories,

Death shall bestow her into my arms forever,

Snatch her from the beast, the intruder,

Save her hellish pangs of disloyalty,

Perils of faithless karma,

Immortal Unshared,

Death shall stir, dissolve her in me,

Have me drunk in her bliss for a lifetime…


Perfumed logs of wood lie abandoned, butchered,

Sliced, lie apart, they face their wounds,

Smiles beside, laughs lethal,

My silver saw,

Drenched from drops of praise,

Flaunting its reliable blades,

For its perfection, the job done,

Uprooted, sliced from its waist,

Only I could hear her sob now,

Weep her faith,

Watch her bleed love,

I sit by her slaughtered trunk,

Stems, leaves, her aura in collapse,

These should be done away with,

Dug away from the world,

Maybe, sold to the dogs,

For, now they’re mere objects, vacuum, soulless,

Immortal, Unshared,

Now, she resides deep within me,

Only mine, until the end…


(Confession of a retired army lieutenant to the murder of his wife…)





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