Mars! Here, I come…


I’m flying loose, rocketing free,

Whoosh! Past Burj Khalifa,

Jetting beyond the Warsaw Radio Mast,

CN Tower, Petronius Platform,

The tallest, left behind,

Breathing full-throttle liberty,

Mind’s gaining precision,

Accuracy to have calipers bow, bend low,

Gliding steps on red alien soil,

Tumbling down uncontrollable,

From peaks of thought-volcanoes,

Tearing into a windless lull,

Toes swindling wireless, out-of-command,

Hurling below igneous lava rocks,

A creature-free infinite summons me,

Mars! Here, I come…




(From an old-school psy-party at New Delhi, India)


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3 thoughts on “Mars! Here, I come…

  1. I would would prefer Earth 😉 the Blue planet of water, ice and lush green vegetations and life.. But if we are not careful soon. Mars may seem paradise …

    Great poetry, you are very talented Debaroon ..

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