Repent, Rebel, Ring the Bell!!!


Screaming grey clouds, admonishing, posing black,

Gathering heavy, staring large to scare,

Growls echo the skies above,

The Sun, the Moon, their starry-eyed countless children,

Conquered, Shun shooed away to a pitchy night,

Packed away, concealed for a while,

Chiseled die rolls unfair, a sinned grim future smiles,

Hour of Nebula’s grief,

The haze emptied its lungs out,

Bereft lips chose to blow a gale,

Whimpering Shamans of mist blew horns of death,

Call of a tempestuous apocalypse,

Annihilation chants, prayers of destruction,

To mourn her bleeding weakness,

For injuries to His creation, divine,

For rupturing His celestial design,

Her tender twirls baked, dried, fried for a quick wither,

To crush, Adam simply wasn’t authorized,

He did violate for that privilege was never sanctioned,

While, only a part of an eternal plan, ethereal,

Sculpted at the ambrosial factory on the road from Hell to Heaven,

To co-exist, to complete,

Shield Eve’s hallowed mirage,

Her caretaker, to ensure she’s painted fresh pink, forever,

Guard her unsafe, low-walled warehouses of cascading maturity,

Shield her lockers choking affection, affliction, unconditional,

Safeguard her vow to inject life into lull,

Into this barren anemic atmosphere,

Saving it from eclipsing permanently comatose,

Firebolt shadows of the church, cross on the cobbled rocks,

On and off, lit and snubbed,

Weeping Holy bricks visible in sudden glares,

Heavens abuse, crackle, roaring curses follow,

Swaying church bells, clanging aloud,

Adam’s Call, hold the bell from the winds,

Ring the bell to realize,

Time for repentance,

Iron pangs of regret on his skin,

Only, hath he not tried editing the divine tale,

Sink in his lusty pangs, infected poison,

From death shrubs on both sides of the Indus River,

Penance awaits him now at the courts of hell, lightning strikes,

Chastisement wafers, castigation bread,

Tapes of her shrill shrieks, unheard wails,

Anguished bawls of pain,

Shall have Adam hypnotized,

Allured to the Altar of Retribution…



(Dedicated to “Ring the Bell“, the award winning global campaign, the crusade to launch action on violence against women.


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6 thoughts on “Repent, Rebel, Ring the Bell!!!

  1. A powerful poem which speaks not only of our historic cruelty to women but of the beliefs that women are lesser than equal… It shows the pain that echo’s out into the Universe and it shows how nature too cries for injustice’s reaped upon her soil….. It shows anger, compassion, and it shows me a poet who thinks deeply upon the happenings in this world.. And it shows me we have hope for the future with such thoughts that come from within ….

    I read this out loud to myself twice… something I recommend all should do… as I ask them to ponder Where do we go from here? and what kind of a world do we want to now create… The past is gone, but the future awaits with baited breath. and YOU are the next generation in which to build a better world, where all are equal and all Earth’s Children, Men, Women, and Beast alike deserve respect and unconditional love….

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