Currency Bums









Tinted modern with urban glass,

Straightened to heights, few bended for curvy appetites,

Holed, you could see through some,

Glazing corporate, pandiculating metropolitan,

Monstrous flashes, reflections kissing a panting sky,

Against speeding metal, slapping white on every shade,

Blinding ones on feet, ones sniffing bread,

Distracting their focus,

Against cotton checks,

Irritating, highlighting alert minds,

Dissatisfied with the ephemeral glare,

Hungry for, craved more permanent lights,

Thirtieth century architecture,

Guarded, watched, proclaimed busy in style,

Stood shelter to antsy energy,

Typing, cluttering, chattering away, Mirrored,

Noisy profits multiplied,

Gold culled out of sunlight,

Roadways to home, abandoned,

Cry high and dry,

Hold their breath,

Face to the other side,

Tolerate the Sun’s rays,

Their vintage foreplay,

Await the always new, the changing ones,

Currency bums from morning to day,

Dharma bums at night…




(From Gurgaon, an important corporate hub in the outskirts of Delhi)


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3 thoughts on “Currency Bums

  1. “Noisy profits multiplied,….Gold culled out of sunlight,”
    Those who now think that the Gold will always be there will soon see the sky crash in.. And with it the Currency will fall like paper confetti ……. “Roadways to home, abandoned,Cry high and dry,”.. …. You see much Debaroon…. You See Much…
    ( You are a talented poet )

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