Happy Women’s Day


Mother’s tongue, trembled,

Her worst dream, if it went black,

Lips shook in fear,

Opened up to the shivering lore,

She sang the parrot was all set to flee,

Tear out off bondage, out off captivity,

Be gone till hell freezes over,

Abandon its cage, forever,

She would leave me alone the same way,

Deprive my days of crawl of her, fly away,

Every night, she would make sure I wasn’t out of sight,

Would weep her song to sleep,

Await her to grab me tight,

Sense her warmth,

Her heart wishing the lyrics never turned true,

Thickened over the years, her motherly glue,

Still has me gripped close to her,

Has me enlightened…


Young hands, tender fingers,

Scripting love in secret,

Under the teacher’s eye,

In between classes,

Innocent letters, double mid-pages,

Exchanged at recess,

Smiles that made up school,

Urged me to properly wear my tie, to pass on,

Wishing the same classroom for both of us,

Every fresh year,

Got lucky only twice,

My wait to turn worthy enough,

Brought school to an end,

Ill-timed confession comes up on Gmail,

My proposal makes it, six years down the line,

By then, she had ripened into a lady,

Dating someone else,

My second woman,

Little years spent in her dreams,

Has me enlightened…


Then, came Cleopatra, herself,

Blemished beauty, broken heart,

Sniffing a brand new tale,

A desire to bathe in sins,

Drink up a hurt past,

Rejuvenate in passion bathtubs,

She tumbled over undesired love in a younger head,

I cherished her company,

Crawled up to her side in the middle of the night,

For in her tunes, her mature vibes,

I loathed sinking intoxicated,

Unaware of her “go-as-you-like” mode,

I slipped into the lake of ache, I drowned,

My time was up,

Thuds of her pounding heart,

When Venus was close,

Seasons spent in her embrace,

Has me enlightened…


Next, straight, out-of-fashion like the inaccurate wooden ruler,

Her biggest weapon, simplicity,

She existed in her world of shoulds, should-nots, and should-bes,

Planning in dreams,

A future for a hassle-free walk on the grid,

Opposites, we made up for each other,

Poled together like iron and magnets,

Until, she gave up,

Strained by my undying hunger for experience,

A life on the edge,

Tainted by my bohemian ways,

Hurt in university,

She did finally release her clutch,

Instants soaked in her emotions, genuine then,

Has me enlightened…


Fragrances from Delhi, Ludhiana and Bangalore,

Told me how less have I lived life,

How much more of a man I still had to be,

Showed me roads to richness, paths to glory,

Tired, some had to leave,

Some are still standing by my side,

All pinched me realization,

Taught me the must-bes to hitch,

Ways to tie up loosely,

Carry less load, walk straight non-stop, often unburden,

Side-effect free algorithms to ditch,

To live loveless, miles away from pain,

To relentlessly write-on,

Life’s too short to cry and crave in vain,

Their kisses, their hassle-free care, their blows,

Ways to return, start afresh,

Fight to a comfortable end, permanently delete,

Has me enlightened…


(Dedicated to all you precious women out there, for making a difference and being there, somehow or the other, in each and every second of our lives.

With you around, the season’s always spring…


Celebrating International Women’s Day, March’08’2013)




Image from : http://www.99colours.com


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