Pastures of Shangrila














Lust from Zhuangzi’s Taoist tongue,

Like the Painted Lady, the Monarch,

Species of Metalmark butterflies,

Careless, he too wanted fly,

In oblivion of humanity, death and sanity,

The philosopher missed out on their old lives,

Misery in mystery,

Their sluggish crawls,

Labels of the poisonous pest,

The voracious hungry insect, the caterpillar,

In stripes, they too survive in oblivion,

Divine virtue to live on new lives,

When everything else has to die,

Colors conquered, shades customized,

Flapping shy, shell to wings,

Lives on the butterfly…


In oblivion of a million years gone by,

An aging planet, countless to feed, hear cry,

Flying humans, jetting rocket science,

Shooting budgets, murder of common men,

Thousands dying of Stress-Diarrhea,

Sobbing Brazil, burning Syria,

For its wriggling stripes, surveilling antennas,

It’s all the same for the earthworm, in and out of the dark,

Mali, Pingxiang or Hungary,

Everywhere, life’s all alike,

Every time he digs in a bit too deep,

The earth has him swallowed,

Too digested for a vomit,

For each time, he tries popping up,

There’s a feet to stamp,

Bury him back again,

Trifled by the universe,

Beaten worn in Nature’s chess,

Beaten blue by Her precious crew,

Sweating pale in its hairy dress,

Petered by royal intruders,

Choked from the pungent beetroot,

Drained, fatigued, grasping pants,

It chooses to stare blind up at the Sun,

Shoots up his breath straight into the yellow sky,

Stares into eyes of the Austrian butterfly,

Grinning in oblivion,

Of an existence in disguise,

Sins repented for, undone,

A reflection in front,

A life gone by…






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