No beer for me,

Water should suffice,

Cold-kissed cheeks,

Brazened red,

Bee eyed alert stare,

Gushing breath jamming along her heart throbs,

Ran in her mind, pulsating thoughts,

I too, could end up like my mom,

Licked by the spirit, dumped in the rut,

Enslaved, I too could be trading out self-respect,

Robbed off senses, kissing the mud, the liquored whore,

Often, unable to make it to our make-shift home, our rented caravan,

Ants could be running up my arms,

Nose pricked to futility by long blades of grass,

No discomfort, No irritation, No regret,

I too could embrace slumber to decay, decompose,

Now, there’s old meat for my shaggy landlord,

With me, he’ll taste new,

He’ll know my smell,

He has sniffed my mother well,

My unexplored uncared youth for him,

Dug out of the desert, a Buddha of gold,

Dinner is over,

You’ve already held my hand,

Taken my culture-ridden dumbness for a waltz,

Now, you could even take your chance,

As it is, your sweetness scares,

No beer for me,

Water should suffice…







Inspired from the 1999 French-Belgian film, ‘Rosetta’ is the story of a poverty stricken young girl, too unfortunate for education, burdened with an alcoholic mother, single handedly paving survival through daily life blues prevalent in the lower-middle class.

The scene, where she speaks from under her blanket, after a hard day, is one to remember.

She softly speaks to herself, before she switches off for the day,


“Your name is Rosetta,

My name is Rosetta,

You’ve got a job,

I’ve got a job,

You’ve got a friend,

I’ve got a friend,

You’ve a normal life,

I’ve a normal life,

You won’t fall in the rut,

I won’t fall in the rut,



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