Run Lola Run


Ruddy sheets on the rubicund bed,

Bloodshot Bettenhaus linens,

Red’s the air in the room,

Red’s the breath inhaled, exhaled by the two,

Entangled, seized, smitten by tendrils,

Poisoned with German flavors of passion,

Lashed, he lay,

Caught up by neck in love’s examination,

Red wine, he’d to taste and tell,

Swear by its strain,

Could he stick loyal to that blend for life?

She took to the roots, plucked to confirm,

Shook the trunk,

A question filled shudder,

Made sure her tree had vestments, forever,

That it wouldn’t mourn every summer,

Basket-cased to a naked autumn,

Lament his inability to alter the Divine course,

Scream ordinary,

Butterfingered at molding prophecies, personal,

Love’s tested precious, now love’s refined,

Locked in arms, unperturbed,

They sail away into the future…


Halt open at that scary stop, that bloodcurdling day,

Bawling telephone talk,

Death chased frightened cock,

Wires stammer, fear into her ears,

From that odd booth,

Standing midway, yellow on the cross-way,

On that toothless road, the only tooth in the center,

Sheep sinks deep, lies flat,

Heart stops, BlaBlaBlacksheep,

Moans at the butcher, his twenty minutes,

Panics uncontrollable into the boogey receiver,

He’d to take that death ride worth the lost million,

Reaching him on limousine wheels,

Bloody pay-up from the God of gore, Narco mafia scissors,

A satchel full of green load,

Rode away into the tunnel,

Bearded bum strikes gold on the train,

Rags to suit, cycles rich below the Sun, fearless in the rain,

On the station, he stood, watched the train,

Shrieks in vain, he was helpless then,

The clock shall soon tick twelve,

His time to report to the end,

He’s only more helpless, now,

Telephonic yells,

Lola, can you help me live? Can you do something?

Screams Lola, hold on, wait,

Flings over the phone,

Runs Lola,

Run Lola, Run…


No stops, No pants, cold feet hounds tireless,

Across the city,

Trying to breathe in ideas fresh,

Begging her mind for instant dough sources,

Scanning faces, stares, favors in memory,

To save her love,

To beat the clock,

Twenty minutes, volatile,

Through cobbled pavements,

Honky roads, assiduous neighborhoods white and grey, in broad daylight,

Touching past, pushing aside every passersby,

Deaf to their curses, angry howls,

Only a bag full of notes on mind,

Love’s tested precious,

Now, love’s refined,

Runs Lola,

Run Lola, Run…






(Inspired from Tom Tykwer’s 1998 German crime thriller, ‘Run Lola Run’ – the story of a woman who needs to obtain 100,000 German marks (50,984 Euros) in 20 minutes to save her boyfriend’s life. )

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