Into Egypt on Wings of Magic


Entry of the soaring King of Shamans,

A thousand eyes from head to toe,

To monitor below, a claret cosmos,

Innocent pawns and ponies, dumb worshipers,

Smart friends, smarter foes,

A foggy gash out of clouds, tapping Samba,

Steps flavored North African ,

Sky sponges rinsed dry of gravitational albatross,

Arabic moves to entertain, then stepping aside to clear the way,

Attempts to please, impress wearing crimson lipstick,

Matched up with hills, plateaus and the dunes red,

Snarled satisfied, the winged Deity,

Made a point to flaunt her fleeting iron, her appalling strength,

Roared powerful, challenged the towering pyramids,

Demonstrated a flight above pointed tombs,  peaks of history crying height,


Until, she eyed the epitome of black magic,

Standing in beads and feathers on the highest hill,

Eyes fixed above, his spear dug inches below for support,

For a better view, swooped down in line with his sight,

Into his land, won from aesthetic Pharaohs,

Whoosh past, above his bald head,

Tested his naked stance, if he did shake, did shudder,

Prayers chanted unfazed,

Unaware, the celestial flight just ended,

Touched down behind the hill, His Holiness,

Done with the skies,

Still, an entire Egypt to inspect…





(A flight preparing to land in Egypt, from the eyes of a tribal sorcerer. )



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8 thoughts on “Into Egypt on Wings of Magic

  1. wow. This poem is like a living thing it’s so vibrant. A hungry kind of poem. I love the the idea of “smart friends, smarter foes”,as I have been contemplating that saying : ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’ of late…

    also great: “claret cosmos” phrase; you don’t often see the word “claret” these days, but describes the accompanying visual perfectly. Tell me, are you describing a pilgrimage as seen from the sky? (among other allusions…)

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