Love’s Forever…


Flowers on her tiny frock,

Danced restless, like the roulette ball,

Tumbled from one corner of her room to the other,

Nothing seemed pink enough, not anymore in that pink room,

Shadows of death raided the house,

Got her little mind drawing merry prophecies to stay afloat,

When voices outside soared,

To lash, hold back her galloping heartbeat,

Shouts rang in competition,

Louder, baggy with moisture, more binding, more final than the other,

Unable to get used to it,

Seek carefree shelter in maturity like her sister,

She had her ears against the door,

Used them to swallow whatever she could overhear,

Mom and Dad sinking deeper in fierce argument,

Screams ripped her heart apart,

So did every painful howl that sneaked inside,

A tearful fight, both wept aloud,

Their yells were oozing, flooded, they leaked, they seeped, emotions clamored,

She’d never heard anything stranger,

A brawl to bequeath enough love behind for each other,

Little did she know then,

This wasn’t going to stop, anytime soon,

Their strife to hold hands together till the very end,

No matter, Thanatos had planned it, altogether differently for them…


Mom could sense her bones rolling into rapid decay,

She knew soon, they would powder away,

Her body dipped deeper, more consumed in the termination show,

Soon, it would be packed with only dead cells,

She’d held Dad’s hand all the way,

And, she hated the prospect of presenting him eternal loneliness,

His return gift for painting her life golden, all the way,

Their two angel-like daughters,

Will they survive gloomy, motherless for the rest of their lives?

Once, she left for her heavenly abode,

She wanted him to remarry,

Ensure her kids were never less cared for, never less pampered,

This was her last wish, and she demanded firm assurance,

The family that she had nurtured, watered all these years,

Shouldn’t dry up, affliction starved, shouldn’t wither away, incomplete,

Only sweet memories should exist, tears should go missing,

Like all these years, there were none,

This was how she wanted things to be,

The moment she ran out of time,

Closed her eyes forever,

The moment, she was gone…


With every new Sunset,

Would arrive dark confrontations,

Dad would relentlessly deny accepting her plans,

Raging panicked at the future,

He made it clear,

Impossible would it be for him to hitch again,

To pack peace for her in her grave, this way,

The same stance each and every day,

Sitting away from one another,

Ceaselessly did they mourn the swift advance of the devil of wrath,

Fighting, mourning the soon-to-arrive immeasurable void of distance in between them,

Waging an already lost war against nature,

That an entire life shall stand in their way, have them permanently separated,

Was something that none of them could accept,

A truth that both wanted to fight till the end,

For he knew very well, he could never turn into a new path, ever again,

Without her, he could never have things her way,

That life, out of her shade, would soon go haywire,

Attempts to hold back his soul from wailing aloud lonely, seemed futile,

For he knew, by then he would already be half-dead,

On and on, they fought, bled love,

Till the day, her young daughters made it in a hurry from school,

Ill-informed that she was back home to celebrate,

That cured, she could now start afresh, all over again,

Things could be the way they were, that they could be the same,

Only to find Mom lying unperturbed in death’s embrace,

Dad staring numb into a lull,

She’d quietly passed away…






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2 thoughts on “Love’s Forever…

  1. that was an unbelievable trip through a shared life. I have tears in my eyes, and got chills and everything. The illustrations along the way were perfect, and I would literally have to transcribe EVERY line in this power packed poem to show you my favorites. Your gift of language is amazing, Deba–you think of word combinations and imagery I never would–but seems so perfect once read.

    The part where the daughter comes home thinking she’s to celebrate–wow. And the room that can’t be pink enough again. You should seriously publish a collection! I bet you could dream up a sequential schematic that would read great.

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