Passion Beach


Blistering gems, Moroccan pearls,

Moonlit crystals, shining bubbles, foamy ripples,

Ramble away, unfasten from necklaces disposed by the ocean,

As she modeled back and forth, to and fro,

Rejuvenated each time, more and more,

On and on, on the endless turquoise ramp,

At peace after Sunset,

Jealous bugs gone, lights none,

Under the spot beams of the watch tower,

A show for the special ones,

No paparazzi, No jumps and howls,

Missing cries of alert and nervous parents,

As their kids run towards the tide,

It was time to ecstasize naked children of passion,

Enthrall veins lost on blood, now pumping concentrated love,

Thriving euphoric, higher than high,

Entangled mortals rubbed guilt on sand,

Switched ecstatic under dark sheets of the night,

Moaned fearless,

Concealed by mature waves,

That crashed loud, crashed ceaseless,

Ensured the ship’s whistle failed to alarm,

Treasures and fortunes in its belly forgotten,

Ensured, attention starved it disappeared into the darkness,

Unnoticed, sobbing, it sailed by,

Mood on the beach flared, shared each and every kiss,

Glowed ochre to chrome, orange to red, and then blue,

Spirits bathed pure, glowed in colors true,

Sank to the depths of bliss,

Enkindled was the cold beach,

Sucked into the quicksand of ardor,

Brakes now, seemed out of reach,

Uncensored, the oceanic show went on,

The beach groaned pleasured, till dawn…







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6 thoughts on “Passion Beach

  1. as Helen said–the fusion is superb; for me it’s the dynamic existence of beach fused into the act of love which is incredible–even more than your one-of-kind imagery. The illustrations are perfect, and as a foreigner I love the sound of: “Moroccan pearls” (seems so exotic)

    What a night…ay? 😉

    Anyway, Debaroon, I am including 2 links here for you to go peruse. They are both resources for literary journals and where you can submit your work to them…what they are looking for, etc. It’s mostly all electronic, now, so location doesn’t matter.

    The first one: duotrope, is a GREAT resource I have used for years. It used to be free but now they charge a nominal fee to get a weekly newsletter with constantly updating submission calls–and invaluable tool for the would be author.

    The second is a link to the Poets&Writers (magazine) site, and an auxiliary section that lists hundreds of journals and publication houses–much like duotrope, so if you are strapped this is a good place to start RIGHT AWAY—and you can dial in exactly what genre you’re looking to submit, what your preferred pub format is, and what your preferred sub format is, word length…etc. (you can do this in duotrope, too)

    I hope I am not being presumptuous, but your comment got me to thinking that maybe you need to step up your submissions–get those PAYING accolades…which generally come after the first few non-paying ones. LOL, but true. It’s all part of building a resume–a constant work in progress for me, and many others.

    So here they are. Now submit all this brilliance!! 🙂

  2. Helen and DM, from your words I realize I cud hit it somewhere…Thank You for reading….

    And, as for Karen, am simply blessed to have a friend like you…..You Rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…Thnxxx4 everything…I will do as you say….

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