Love Lagoons of Lankawi


Red eyed stare of the Mackerel and the Tuna,

Concealed glimpses of their visitors,

A peek-a-boo above the surface,

Sniffing bubbles here and there,

Tips and taps in serene blue,

Squeaking wood, whistling breeze,

Their cottage on the Andaman sea,

Anchored to the bed,

Pillars that carried them,

Softly swayed,

Their home, a swing on the water…


Shhhhhhh! The lagoon hissed green peace,

Mirror to unperturbed tranquility,

The setting Sun, touch of yellowish orange in turquoise,

Hips on the moist porch, their feet dipped wet,

Scared fishes, dispersed them for the day,

Love soared at its peaks,

Imitated the flight of the Eagle of Lankawi*,

Dusk draped the sea-village resort,

Sedated creatures around,

Had the palm trees shyly looking down,

Sparked first flames in their brand new wedlock,

Passion pampered with placidity, danced, went astray,

Empty wine glasses announced with stubbed buds in the ashtray,

Their Hour of Union hath arrived…




(Based on a couple that won its share of isolation on their Honeymoon trip in the Lagoon Sea Village of Lankawi, an archipelago of 104 islands on the Andaman Sea.

*Langkawi‘ means ‘reddish brown eagle’ in colloquial Malay. The Malay word for eagle is helang – shortened is “lang”. Kawi means the colour reddish brown….source : Wikipedia :


For more on this exotic honeymoon locale:



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